Scope of work

Here is a list of automations we would like to see.  We will like to allow people to choose a text message or email or both to get notified. We use mailchimp for our newsletter.

  1. When someone signs up as a donor or a person with a need that are put into a list to be communicated to via email. We would create a house list for donors and people with needs separately.
  2. We would then create a drip campaign to keep people up to date on what is happening with STS by the type of person they are in the STS system.
  3. When a person has a need 100% filled all people who have donated should be notified that they helped fill a need. The person with the need would also be notified via text, email or phone.
  4. If recipient = 100%

i.      then send thank you note to Donor

ii.      then send congrats to recipient

iii.      then send sponsor note that need has been filled

iv.      need summary sent to STS owner

Person with need

What was the need

Who was the sponsor

Who was the product/service sponsor

How much was cost

  1. When a person has a need 100% filled whoever was their nonprofit sponsored would be notified as well as the product/need sponsors.  Once check has been sent to product sponsor an email is sent notifying the sponsor the check is on the way.
  2. If recipient = 100% then notify/pay vendor for product or service
  3. When a person in need posts on the site, thanking or updating people it would notify anyone who had donated towards this person in need.
  4. When a need is listed, whatever the need is and we currently don’t have a product sponsor for, a notification would be sent to STS owners saying we need this product and service and it would also be send to our facebook page saying we are looking for a sponsor for the need.
  5. When a need is 100% filled STS owners would be notified that a need has been filled and all of the details would be listed.


  1. Be able to accept Bitcoin as a donation.
  2. Have a check box on the checkout that would allow anyone to donate an extra $3-5 directly to STS.



  1. Would like to have a resource page that we could direct anyone that signs up with a need to. They would sign up and in the confirmation email would be directed to the resource page.  This resource page would have places that could help people to get their needs meet from government services.
  2. Each person with a need has a unique profile page that is accessed with a shorten URL. We have another domain we could use for this purpose we would like to everyone with a need to have a profile page they could use for their own EX:, their profile page could also link to their facebook profile page.
  3. Allow people with needs to upload a video and any other images to their pages. We want their profile pages to be able to used to communicate better with others or incorporate facebook like features.  Rtmedia for wordrpess, BBpress

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