Need a little help?

We are here to help

If you find yourself or your family in a situation where you need a little boost to stay above water and in a stable environment then Survive the Streets is here to help.  If you are not currently working with a nonprofit in your community  then you need to talk with a local nonprofit or church  to see how they can also assist you with your needs. We can then help provide goods or services that they cannot provide.

If you are currently working with local nonprofit then during  the registration on Survive the Streets we will ask for the nonprofit’s name and then we will contact them to verify they are a registered nonprofit with the IRS.

You can go to our member registration page and list up to two needs. Once we verify the nonprofit you are working with and verify the nonprofit is in good standing with all the IRS standards you will be listed on the public portion in the member section of this website. This normally takes less than three business days.

Once you are listed on this website donors can then read your story and choose to help you meet the need or needs you have. Once a need has been fully funded then Survive the Streets orders product,  makes an appointment or sends funds (security deposits, etc) to the appropriate provider. Survive the Streets never sends funds to you (client members) only goods or services.

We hope we can help you get back to a stable home environment.

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