How you can help others

We believe that we can change the way we solve social problems by applying technology and building community. Our directed giving platform helps you identify people you can support. Go to our member page to support our mission.

 how to help 1

Register to become a donor, read about the people in your community who need help, and give towards satisfying one of their needs. Our directed giving platform is secure and easy to use.


how to help 2

Share the message about Survive The Streets with all your friends and social networks or invite others to help fulfill a need for one of our members.



how to help 3

You can register your nonprofit with us so we can get items and services that you don’t provide to your clients. Posting their stories is free and we make it easy to do. 



how to help 4Companies can help. If your company wants to become a sponsor and/or is willing to provide items or services at a discount to our clients, please contact us. The more local businesses we have on board, the stronger our community becomes.

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