How it works

There may be many great nonprofits advocating to prevent homelessness in your community but many of the people who are on that thin line of becoming homeless find themselves in a system that cannot fulfill their most immediate need.  You can step in to help to lift someone up.

help7 oneSimply click on the client’s profile in the Help Members section. This is where you find out what is needed and choose the person you want to help. The great thing is that you do not have to pay for an entire need by yourself and you can help as many people as you want. Even the smallest donation goes towards fulfilling the need of a member. You can help pay for: a deposit on an apartment, car repair, hospital bill, education, work shoes, or just a simple bus pass. And, by sharing the program through Facebook and Twitter, you amplify your effect. 


help7 twoWe feel that it is important to make sure that each client on our site is real and ready to be helped. We do this by working with nonprofit organizations in your community. Once clients are verified by a local nonprofit then they can post their profile, including their background information, and their needs. So we can help as many people as possible, we post only the top two needs for each.


help7 threeOnce a posted need has been met by donors, our staff makes sure that it gets fulfilled and delivered. As a donor, you will always know when a need you sponsored was met because we send you an email and update.


help7 fourA great thing about Survive the Streets is that the people you help can always come back and let each donor know exactly how his or her path has changed. So, as a donor, you will know just how much you did to change the life of a person in need. 


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