Our Contributors

Thank you all very much for your support

We can’t thank these people and organizations enough.  They have helped in various ways; some of them have given us their ideas, time, and made introductions. Other volunteers have contributed to building on the idea and clarifying our mission while some have simply said, “we believe in what you are doing and think it will help bring about change so tell us how we can help.”

All this assistance has helped get us this far and moved us forward towards of our goal of building a new way of giving that will support people in your community.

Bill Block

David Wertheimer

Rebecca Lazlo

Jo Ardinger

Union Gospel Mission, Jeff Lilley

Urban Storage 1111 E. Madison, Burney

Roger Cruise

Marlena Sessions

Catholic Community Services, Julie McFarland, Susan Vaughn

Seattle University, Lisa Gustaveson

Alison Pabst

Ciara Murphy

Firesteel, Erin Murphy

New Life Church, Loran Lichty

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