Want to sponsor a Gear Drive and help collect items for our one day event?

To sign up or get more information send an email to Patti Dunn.

Here are the items that we collect for our 15th annual Thanksgiving day event. Coordinate with your group and choose to gather 1 or 2 of these items in a Survive the Streets drive during a two week period in October or early November. It is easy to do and it helps out many people when everything is distributed on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Sleeping Bags and Warm Blankets
  • Warm Coats
  • Warm Fleeces
  • Boots
  • Warm Hoodies
  • Duffel Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Gloves
  • Warm hats
  • Waterproof Tarps
  • Cold/Hygiene Kits

To learn more about the history of Survive the Streets.

Watch a short video from last years event.

Want to be a volunteer?

To sign up to volunteer with us send an email to Patti Dunn.

November 26th from 3-9 pm we need 10-15 volunteers.

November 27th from 7 30 am – 2 pm we need 30-35 volunteers.


Thanks for the help from these great sponsors/supporters.

Urban Storage  www.urbanstorage.com

Millionair Club www.millionairclub.org 

Here and there  Grill  www.hereandtheregrill.com

Top Pot donuts www.toppotdonuts.com

Trident Seafoods www.tridentseafoods.com

Strength Studios www.strength-studio.com